Countryside Escapes: Discovering Italy’s Idyllic Rural Charms

Italy is seen as a tourist haven. There’s a good reason for it. The land of the boot has something to offer in every department. Do you want historic monuments and places? You got it! Do you want mountains and skiing? Italy got you covered. Do you want the sea, sand, and sun? You’ll find it all on the Apennine peninsula. It truly is a marvel every man and woman should explore at least once in their lifetime. But, what if you’ve been there to enjoy their long beaches and the sea? Or if you’ve been to Rome, Venice, and Milan? What if you explored Sicily and Piedmont?

Nothing! You still have plenty to go. If you don’t believe us, all that’s needed is for you to read this article. Let’s get away from large city centers such as Turin or Rome. Let’s not talk of places such as Venice and Rome that are covered not only by news and films but by every individual ever. What’s left you ask? Well, the most charming places in Italy are left. That’s what! If you’ve tried Italy and you want more it’s time for a true countryside escape.

As we said, this country is not all about big cities, and colossal monuments you’ve seen on TV. Yes, Venice is unique, and the Coliseum in Rome is too. But, let’s get a little further from the loud sounds of these cities preoccupied by tourists. Read this article, and discover the idyllic rural charms this country possesses. So, the next time you’re ready to travel to Italy, have this article in mind and check out the domain of these hidden paradises located in the rural areas of Italy. Let’s start.

Grizzana Morandi, Emilia Romagna


Smallest of the small. With a population of only 3.694, this place is truly a small gem on Italy’s crown. When you find yourself exploring Bologna but get tired of the cultural center of the region, Grizzana Morandi should be your escape. Emilia Romagna has so much to offer, and you shouldn’t skip this small town. Once on the spot, don’t miss the chance to enjoy a good time at both Centro di Documentazione Giorgio Morandi and Locanda dei Fienili del Campiaro. There you’ll learn about the history of the place, and how to relax the local way. Last but not least you need to see and explore the famous local castle called Rochetta Mattei. Make a decision you’ll never regret. 

Portofino, Liguria


As it’s usually the case, some of Italy’s hidden and rural gems are located on the sea. One of those places is without a doubt Portofino, Liguria. With a population of fewer than 400 souls, this place is a tourist heaven. Well known for its colorful houses, it attracts thousands of tourists yearly. Yes, we’re not discovering America with this paragraph but Portofino needs to be on everyone’s bucket list. It’s close to Genoa so you won’t have to look for it as everyone knows where it is. It offers plenty to see and enjoy and accommodation for everyone’s taste within the premises of its numerous hotels.

Anghiari, Tuscany


When you pay a visit to Tuscany make this one of your stops. It is positioned between Florence and Milan which makes its geographical position almost ideal for all of the tourists who visit either of the big cities. Once you’re there you’ll be mesmerized by its architecture and charm. You’ll notice it from far away as it’s located on a hilltop.  It is like a place from fairy tales with its high walls and streets made out of stone. It offers so much as a place to be and as an exploration heaven. The views from the top of its building give a great enjoyment of local landscapes.

Positano, Amalfi Coast


Naples is a city you need to see. Its southern charm is without precedent. But, if you get tired of city streets you owe yourself a countryside escape. Positano, Amalfi Coast offers precisely that. Amalfi Coast is beautiful on its own, and this is one of its shiniest jewels.  Being in it is amazing, but what’s even better is the view of this place you’ll have upon approach. Truly a place where memories are created. Mountains, sea, crowded streets, and some of the best views on the famed coast. Explore it. Leave all regrets behind.

Dozza, Emilia Romagna


This is a gem you do not want to miss. Small town, with streets colored by some of the most mesmerizing murals you’ll ever see. Another place located not too far from Bologna which is a clear sign that this region is full of small towns as this you must see when visiting Emilia Romagna. You’ll want to visit during the period of Biennale del Muro Dipinto. This is an event that occurs twice a year and it is dedicated to artistic expression.  So, when visiting this place, book your stay for September. You will hit a tourist jackpot. Trust us on this one.

Alberobello, Puglia


This one is a rather popular small town with close to 11 thousand people inhabiting it. But, that doesn’t take anything from its charm. It couldn’t even if you wanted it. This is a place of dreams. We are not kidding you! Just take a look at the pictures.  This is a place that you saw in Lord of The Rings. Truly a mountain gem of Italy. It is located near Bari, and it’s a location that everyone should visit if you’re in this region. If you need additional reason after hearing our suggestion and seeing the photos here it is: Alberobello, Puglia has been part of UNESCO World Heritage since 1996. Once you’re there, and now we know you’re going, do not miss the local highest point called the Belvedere Trulli lookout. From there you’ll see the surrounding landscapes and you’ll be left speechless.



Italy offers something for everyone on every level. If you want to get away from big cities and highly populated areas, these places should be on your bucket list. Visiting small, rural places in Italy is an ideal way to explore it further. After seeing Rome, Venice, and Milan, you’ll be touched by the other side this country has to offer through its small towns and rural locations.