The Best Wineries in Sedona: A Guide to Wine Tasting and Tours 2023

If you really want to learn more about Arizona and this entire region, then visiting the best wineries in Sedona is simply a must. The only issue might be picking which vineyards to check out, as there are plenty of them, and this list should help you with that.

Alcantara Estate Vineyards


What is a better way to start a wine touring guide than by mentioning one of the most pristine vineyards in this entire region? Saying that this is where you will find one of the best and most gorgeous settings is not an exaggeration, as this tour is the one that forever will be mentioned in your stories. Namely, even though the tour lasts approximately three hours, that time is still not enough to embrace everything, so don’t be surprised if you come back here once again, at least. As for the vineyard, it produces more than 25 different wines of various blends.

Understandably, wine tasting is something that even those who are not that fond of this beverage will surely enjoy, as this variety in the offer of blends means that there is definitely something for everyone. The location of the vineyard is yet another thing that makes this entire tour remarkable because it is ideally situated where two rivers meet. It’s needless to say that this region inspired the name for one of the finest wines here called “Confluence.”

Off-Road Tour

One of the best ways to truly embrace everything this region has to offer is by going on various tours where you will learn more about the history and heritage of the region, but since most tours include wine tasting, you can also enjoy a variety of wine blends from many vineyards. The thing that makes this tour unique is definitely the off-road jeep adventure that will take you to Verde Valley, where you will be free to enjoy many wine blends and other alcoholic beverages. A professional guide is also included, but enjoying the ride on a desert trail to get to this vineyard is something that will leave you in awe, and wine tasting afterward will just enhance the entire experience. Understandably, this is ideal for those who seek a bit of an adrenaline rush, as they will enjoy this off-road jeep adventure.

Bliss Wine Tours


Since these tours include tasting wine, it’s highly recommended to have a designated driver, and in many cases, this could pose an issue as everyone who gets here wants to try the best Arizona has to offer. Now, this is not an issue here, as your entire group can relax and enjoy this tour comes with a guide, car, and driver. Yes, it is a real VIP tour where you can ride in a limo, grab a bite and sample some of the best wines. Another common issue with tours is usually not having enough time to explore and really enjoy as it is always in some kind of a rush, but even that is not an issue here as you will have plenty of time to explore all the wineries but also learn a thing or two about the process of making world known boutique wines.

D.A. Ranch


There is no better place for nature lovers to spend a day than D.A. Ranch. It is a family-owned winery that allows you to bring your furry friend, as they are not just pet-friendly but also have a lot of space, which means you can have a fun time together. There are a lot of different wines to try, and their homemade sangria is one of the preferable choices for many visitors. The atmosphere in this place is extremely friendly, and most people feel at home, and live music only adds up to the entire impression. There is no need to worry about cooler evenings, as there is a fire pit in the backyard where guests can warm up or a perfect cozy room for those who prefer staying indoors.

Javelina Leap


People who want to see something different should not miss visiting Javelina Leap. Its wine-tasting bar is the biggest one in Northern Arizona and provides visitors with a traditional experience. Besides that, Javelina Leap has an astonishing outdoor area where guests can enjoy amazing nature and quality food and drinks. This place also welcomes kids and pets, which means you can spend a nice family day and recharge your batteries for the next adventure. Art lovers can also buy ceramics made by local artists and enhance their homes with valuable souvenirs.

Extra Tips

Besides knowing more about the best wineries in Sedona, there are a few more things to know before going on a tour in order to have a memorable time. We will describe them further in the text below and help you come home with great stories to tell.

Check the Forecast


Checking the weather forecast before visiting a winery is pretty important, as most of them have beautiful outdoor areas, and it is necessary to be well-prepared for sitting outside, or you will miss all the fun. Summers in Arizona are extremely hot, and those who are visiting during the summer should dress up lightly and bring a sunhat with them. On the other side, it can be a little chill in the spring and autumn evenings, although days are still pretty warm, which is why wearing a thin sweater might be a great idea.

Avoid Weekends

People who do not love crowds and waiting in lines to order food or drink should avoid visiting Sedona wineries during weekends, as it is always overcrowded. It is a perfect getaway for people who live in big cities, as they can spend quality time with their friends and family, which is why most of them visit during the weekend. Besides that, many people are free from work during weekends and use that time to recharge batteries for the next working week. If you want to relax and enjoy wine tasting, choose the working day instead of the weekend.